Colorado State University’s Foundry Food Hall Achieves LEED Gold Certification

Colorado State University received notification that their newly renovated Corbett Parmelee Dining Center, now called the Foundry, achieved LEED Gold status. According to the Education Credit Industry Case Study, “The design revolved around providing a modern gathering space and bringing a healthy variety of food options to students while giving a nod to the university’s roots as an agricultural school through the food options and the ties to nature.” A few earth-friendly aspects included on the LEEDv4 Interior Design and Construction checklist are: indoor water use reduction, optimal energy performance, renewable energy production, green power and carbon offsets, storage and collection of recyclables, construction and demolition of waste management planning, interior adjustable lighting, and innovation.

This state-of-the-art 29,000 square foot, 600-seat food hall features: eight micro-restaurants, a private dining room, a gluten free station, and, three beverage islands with enclosed beverage support adjacent to each station. In addition, each restaurant has a unique feature, such as an actual shipping container wrapped around the street food concept, Theory; a wing from an airplane suspended over Passport, a venue serving international fare; and, repurposed bowling alley lanes as the backdrop to the 1870 comfort food station.

Congratulations to Colorado State University and the entire design team!

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