Fourteen different food venues; nearly 1,000 seats; and myriad variety of ambiance, seating types, finishes, lighting, and menu choices. That’s University of Michigan’s newly renovated South Quad Dining. South Quad features some familiar favorites, including 24 Carrots (vegan and vegetarian) and Wild Fire (grill), as well as new and original concepts, such as Olive Branch (Mediterranean and pizza), PanAsian (made-to-order stir-fries and sushi), and Toast (serving breakfast all day long). South Quad also features a gluten-free pantry, which is secure and only accessible by those with a key card. Communal dining tables and condiment counters are made from repurposed bowling alley flooring. A tortilla maker provides entertainment and fresh tortillas at Sabrosa, the Latin station. A small private dining room on the west side of the facility offers a very Asian feel, while another private dining room on the east provides flexibility for larger groups. Whether students seek a quiet corner, a sports bar atmosphere, or an ambience that is bright and cheery, South Quad has the environments – and the menus – to suit all tastes.

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