Ready, Set, EAT! – Oklahoma State University Facility Preview

Nearly complete and set to open the beginning of the 2016 school year, Oklahoma State University’s newest dining experience will peak your interest at every culinary stop.  The design team and school worked together to create 6 distinct restaurant concepts within the newly constructed window-filled facility.  Each micro-restaurant features unique menu offerings paired with diverse interior design lending itself to Bakergroup’s signature Micro-Restaurant concept.  On-site for their final inspection, Kaiti and Casey are excited to show you a sneak peak of OSU dining’s newest Mediterranean concept “Zest”.

In the mood for a Mediterranean feast of chicken gyros and tabbouleh with a side of Asian Chow Mein? No problem, OSU dining offers an incredible combination of cuisine options that include; Mediterranean, Regional, Noodles, Breakfast + Burgers, Carvery, and an Allergen free restaurant. Adjacent dining spaces provide varied seating styles, media entertainment, accent lighting, and textural materials that all blend cohesively with their corresponding venues. Of course we can’t forget what’s running behind the scenes, the fully equipped kitchen works to support and supplement the stand-alone restaurants and is located on the same level for ease of work flow to all micro-restaurants.

Come on down, grab a bite (or two), and see for yourself!

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