Coffee + Shopping – Recipe for Success: First Campus Drive-Thru Starbucks opens at the University of Alabama

On Friday, July 22, a new supply store and campus drive-thru Starbucks opened to the University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa communities. The two-story, 26,000-square-foot space features a University of Supply Store, or Supe Store, with UA merchandise, textbooks, souvenirs, and convenience snacks and drinks. The new Starbucks is the second location on the UA campus and the first licensed location in a collegiate setting to feature drive-thru service. To learn more about the new retail space, go to (Read more.).

Stay linked to our page as Bakergroup will be introducing their very own Apparel and food stop duo within Michigan State University’s “Spartan Village”, now under construction. Our in-house designers worked to complete the streamlined “Spartan-inspired” apparel store just a short stroll down the hall from 1855 Place, MSU’s very own village market. The c-store not only offers a wide variety of fresh produce, drinks and goodies but will also feature a Deli and Sparty’s Grill, offering quick-service meals for on-the-go students, staff and visitors. Combining these two concepts seems to be a trending success – Who doesn’t like to re-charge with a quick bite or latte while shopping? We do!



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