Oklahoma State University Opens New Dining Facility

On November 10th, Oklahoma State University hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for their newly constructed dining facility, North Dining. This 22,035 square foot, leading-edge facility features healthier options and local ingredients in its seven Micro-Restaurants™. North Dining is one of the first higher education dining programs to eliminate fried foods from the menu. This fryer-free facility compelled the dining team to think creatively when developing the menu and recipes for each concept. Below is a glimpse at their innovative vision for this unique and wellness-focused location:

• B & B, Co. (Breakfast & Burgers) – breakfast options all day; fresh, never-frozen gourmet hamburgers from a local packing company; fresh squeezed orange juice every morning, vegetarian options, and Starbucks coffee
• Zest – Mediterranean cuisine
• Road Trip – regional entrée selections
• The Carvery – smaller portions of smoked meats, steamed and roasted vegetables, and fresh whole wheat bread
• Noodle U – international noodle bowls
• Dash – grab and go options
• The Natural – allergen and gluten-friendly fare, and a portable demonstration cooking suite

To learn more about North Dining, click the below links to read articles related to the Grand Opening Ceremony and menu features:




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