How Design Impacts Customer Loyalty

Foodservice hospitality operators understand there are several important factors that play a key role in brand development and the creation of a devoted customer base. The more obvious factors include consistent quality food, dependable service, and a perceived value for the dollar. One influencer that is not as obvious is the restaurant ambiance. According to a recent Modern Restaurant Management article, “How Restaurant Design Can Influence Guest Loyalty,” the color, lighting and furnishings also play an important role in creating repeat business. If the interior design of an eatery resonates with the guests, the restaurant’s chances of long-term success greatly increase. Bakergroup agrees. Our firm’s expert interior designers work closely with the client to create an ambiance that is exciting and inviting for the end users. The lighting, color, and furnishings compliment the overall architectural style of the facility. Bakergroup’s interior design team carries the desired theme and style through to the end; this unique service guarantees an outcome of success. To read the article click here. Scroll down to peruse Bakergroup’s successful work or check out our Portfolio tab for a full display.

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